having survided something similar it teaches you even more respect for the mountains and mother natures ability to take it all away - in one second - be safe guys! m.

If you still have yet to see The Fourth Phase, we recommend you stop reading this, drop everything you are doing, and watch the movie already (the following contains spoilers.) However, if you have indeed seen the film, or have talked to anyone who has seen it, you know about the avalanche. In what is up there as one of the gnarliest avalanches caught on film, Travis is sucked into the slide and tossed over a massive cliff to close out his latest film. The portrayal of said avalanche was initially called into question for misguided glorification by critics of the film, however in this recent release from Red Bull, Travis and his crew dive further into the discussion of avalanche safety. Take a minute to watch Travis, and other professionals discuss avalanche danger, and in particular the slide that almost ended his life.

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