simply stunning especially the wall with mapped video - love it! m.

this october, flanders & the netherlands hosted the guest of honour pavilion for the frankfurter buchmesse. the studios CIVIC & MATTERS of the cloud collective were selected to design and execute the focal point of the event: a central literature salon.

the pavilion celebrates authors and literature foremost, but cultural context and cross-over arts are also given a podium. functions in the pavilion exceed the book alone, and are grouped around the concept of ‘the narrative’ in a broader sense. there are theatre and debate spaces, several exhibitions, a graphic studio, virtual reality spaces, a bookshop, café and salon all coming together under the 2,300 meter squared pavilion.

the cloud collective’s design features semi-transparent plastic sheets, simply stacked to create a variety of walls and volumes. a temporary and low cost material, the plastic towers suggest a number of different routes through the space, offering a powerful sensory experience. close inspection or passive observance of the volumes creates a kaleidoscopic effect of light and matter. clever engineering on the part of the cloud collective made sure that once the frankfurter buchmesse has concluded the walls are all completely demountable and reusable.

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