fantastic installation - love the historic context. m.

during the 2015 edition of the lively architecture festival, FAKT has realized an aluminium cloudscape that seems to weightlessly hover within a provincial courtyard in montpellier. the berlin and zurich-based studio have conceived ‘#034′ as a spatial and structural experiment — two sheets of 2mm thick aluminum undulates inside the semi-outdoor space, spanning a distance of 6.4 meters long by 4.5 meters wide. the two paper-like layers subtly bend, crinkle and wrinkle in juxtaposition with each other, creating apertures that allow visitors to peer through the installation to the other side of the courtyard.

‘our proposal searches for an installation that overcomes the object but instead transcends into phenomenon — the cloudscape,’ the studio says. ‘it is an attempt to enrich the structural nature of architecture with a strong sense of physical excitement and ever-changing visual properties. the topics of lightness, weightlessness and soft borders all translate into a floating world.’

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