creative live/work design on a tight lot in tokyo. m.

Designed by local studio Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects, Kitasenzoku Apartment is a six-storey building near the Tokyo Institute of Technology. It contains an office and residence for the client, as well as spaces for use by students.

Like much of Tokyo, the area is already dense with buildings, so Kurokawa’s team had to respect the rights to light of several neighbouring blocks. The structure’s faceted form is a result of this.

The plans were slotted into this irregular volume, with the leftover spaces serving as balconies. Windows were then punched through both the walls and the sloping roof, further emphasising the building’s asymmetry.

“The building form was derived from the calculations of setback and shadow-casting regulations, while the volume was defined by the necessary areas and spaces for the residences and users,” said Kurokawa.

“Because this building has a prominent volume within the surrounding neighbourhood, there is no clear and distinguishable front or back side,” it added.

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