wonderfully eclectic cast-concrete live/work design by the seattle based studio. m.

Designed by the team at Olson Kundig Architects, the aptly titled “The Brain” is a concrete box built for a filmmaker in the Pacific Northwest.

Nestled in the lush green landscape of Seattle, Washington, this space oozes inspiration, and is really the perfect working space for any creative individual. There is 14,280 cubic feet of living/work space with interior structures built from hot-rolled steel, a gorgeous piano, mid-century furnishings scattered about, and massive floor to ceiling windows allowing plenty of natural light to illuminate those stunning bookshelves. As if this thing wasn’t already cool enough, there’s even a fireman’s pole for quick escapes – because you never when you’ll have to get the hell out of dodge with a quickness. A 3-car garage also sits below the property.

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