i want one! – another gifted kickstarter concept design. m.

solu is a re-imagination of desktop computers, in a world filled with touch screen possibilities. the slim square box is cloud linked to offer worry-free computing, with unlimited hard drive potential while working offline. the entire ecosystem, including the software, was built around the way people work and play today, with a user interface that mimics the functionality of a brain.

solu’s operating system challenges the status quo by trading local files to a large gigabyte cache in the ‘cloud’. it removes the hassle of maintenance, backups, and installations while enabling offline use alongside native access to hardware. all the data is encrypted and kept in protected locations to maintain a high level of privacy. the zoomable display allows users to organize their projects and applications using simple, natural gestures. the pocket-sized computer is carved out of wood and can be used as a stand-alone portable device, or as full desktop experience with a connect monitor and keyboard. the company is looking for fabrication funding on their on kickstarter campaign, with a promise to deliver the solu computer in may 2016.

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