fantastic place for contemplation. m.

envisioned by WOJR, instead of a client’s brief, a storyline has influenced the program and design of ‘mask house’. the mysterious dwelling overlooks a lake and has been conceptualized as a place of refuge and contemplation for a man who has lost his younger brother.

despite its dark clad exterior of mask house, the sequence of rooms instill a sanctuary-like atmosphere that serves as a place of separation and protection that ‘removes one from the world of the everyday and offers passage to an other world.‘ the property is supported with stilts over a slope and is protected by a large slatted wall that covers the façade. the sanctuary is drawn-out through a series of thresholds that define a scalar sequence of nested interiors—each interior becoming successively more removed from one world and more connected to the next. the light wooded walls -a contrast to its envelope- instill a scandinavian aesthetic. large windows welcome views onto the lake and surrounding nature and as the WOJR say ‘provide one in search of sanctuary an abundance of opportunities to find refuge.’

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