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An exploration of light by Aiko Telgen, 2012.

Ionised gas – plasma – is the “material”, which lights up the glass pieces. We encounter plasma frequently in everyday life, in the form of fluorescent lights and plasma screens, however the light of the discharge is usually hidden and seldom viewed as such. Filled with the inert gas Neon and powered by a high voltage, the glass objects show the genesis of light itself.

The both transparent and at the same time glowing plasma of Ion Two has a special, almost tangible aesthetics. Filled with neon gas, the glass rings with different diameters are placed over the cylinder. They are then excited by an electric field and start to glow.

The glass rings can be placed anywhere in the close proximity of the glass cylinder. The electrical field is able to initiate the ionization either if the glass rings are approaching the cylinder or – within a certain distance – by the help of the human body.

The Ion Lamp Series is a new perspective on the phenomenon of plasma.

The project was realised with the kind help of Ferdinand Schubert, NP Lighting, Warburg.

Music: Oskar Schuster, Bad Panda Records

More information and photos of the prototype