love the juxtaposition of the raw exterior and refined interior! well done! m.

“Dlhé Diely is a hilly residential area in the western part of Bratislava. It origins at the foothills of the Little Carpathians. By the end of the seventies it was a place of gardens and vineyards of varieties sought throughout the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the early eighties, a construction of housing estates started and subsequently degraded the original character of the environment. The original authenticity of the place was retained only in peripheral positions, which now form a transition zone between the purely natural environment of Devínská Kobyla and prefabricated housing estates. These streets carry fairly universal (rather by surface) names: Dlhé Diely I, II, and III. Thanks to their location in direct contact with the Little Carpathians and the Karloveské embankment of the Danube river, they have become a popular location for the construction of individual family houses and small urban villas. Original garden cottages and old houses gradually subside to this typology.”

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