some fantastic + thought-provoking works in the mix – kudos! m.

Having just completed its twelfth edition, Vienna Art Week is an annual festival of events that seeks to promote and celebrate contemporary art made and shown in the Austrian capital. Known mainly for its rich musical tradition and imperial Austro-Hungarian architecture, Vienna may not be a regular stop for contemporary art-lovers travelling in Europe, nevertheless, the city has a vibrant art scene, with two Academies hosting around 5,000 art students, over 80 galleries, at least 100 museums and central Europe’s largest auction house, the Dorotheum. This year’s Art Week activated connections and synergies between many of Vienna’s cultural institutions, with a programme of over 200 events, which included discussions, exhibitions, gallery tours, studio visits and many more —all proving just how much there is going on under the radar in a city still mainly associated with Klimt and Otto Wagner.

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