minimalism + furniture design + stellar architecture = perfection! m.

furnishing for herzog & de meuron‘s elbphilharmonie in hamburg has been completed with a comprehensive concept and own designs by daniel schöning from WRS ARCHITEKTEN & STADTPLANER, and eva marguerre and marcel besau from hamburg-based design office studio besau-marguerre. the interdisciplinary team realized both the concept and a range of furniture pieces specifically for the project. the project included the foyers of the grand and small concert halls, the three lounges, the conductor’s and soloist’s suites, as well as the rehearsal rooms.

the high-end interior concept responds to the building’s design with a thoughtful sensitivity, aiming to leave a lasting impression without imparting the impact of the architecture. the theme — which extends over the entire concert hall — takes up the architects’ herzog & de meuron focus on materiality to create an aesthetic and imaginative resonance for the visitors of the elbphiharmonie that goes beyond the musical experience. the result is a curated selection of materials whose spectrum of perception varies from warm to cold and from soft to rough. equalized by a uniform color scheme, the pieces of furniture give the impression of visually forming one single object.

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