and here is the project in all of it’s glory – brilliant! m.

the fondazione feltrinelli has been inaugurated in milan’s porta volta district. designed by herzog and de meuron, the major construction is the firm’s first project in italy, with a masterplan that includes a set of buildings completed along the city’s viale pasubio. the concrete structures are unified by their design and host the foundation’s headquarters, the offices of microsoft italia, and a large public green area with meeting points, bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways.

herzog and de meuron visualized the architectural language of the long, narrow buildings based on simple geometries, the modular repetition of structural components, and transparency. the slopes of the steeply pitched roofs are incorporated into the façades, creating a rhythmic articulation of interior spaces. in plan, the buildings conform to the historic perimeters, permitting them to perfectly blend into the surrounding urban context.

the building is organized across five levels. the multidisciplinary vision of fondazione giangiacomo feltrinelli is conceived to evolve into a cultural space for educational and research purposes, all the while becoming a welcoming addition to milan’s architectural landscape. the reception area, library, and coffee bar are based on the lower floors, while a multi-purpose conference hall is hosted on the second floor, with the offices, meeting rooms, and co-production spaces on the third and fourth levels.

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