fantastic interactive business card design! m.

What Fer and Nora wanted for their wedding was to be a big party where all guests, from first to last, have fun and a good time with them. They wanted everyone to participate from the outset to make that day unforgettable. So with this in our mind we started working. We had several ideas but the one that fits better with what the couple wanted was an invitation that the guests themselves had to finish. With all this in our minds we created an invitation in two parts, the lower with the event data and instructions in order that everyone know what to do and the top with a series of micro-perforated circles by laser that could be separated as each guest wanted and, this way, draw various elements regarding the wedding such as a heart, rings, a shrimp… typical things. The instructions gave ideas, but then everyone was free to do what they wanted to make their invitation personal. And it didn’t stop there, these leftover circles became confetti to be thrown to Fer and Nora when they leave the church, helping to create a party atmosphere in their first minutes as newlyweds.

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