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nero mobili is a company that highlights the best of the made in italy tag by creating the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. they work with precious materials of different nature like petrified wood, marble, metals such as aluminum and titanium, and laser cut glass. their continuous research on rare materials, and the idea to transform them, is what makes their creations one of a kind. nero’s product philosophy is that of creating collector’s objects that have a story and are not just a shape, searching for the soul in the piece.

‘ducale’ is a unique table with glass cubes elevating a single slab of italian oak carbon dated to the 17th century, with its certificate of origin. the slab is very large at approx 1m (3ft) in the tightest part by 6.5m (21.3ft) long and 10cm (4”) thick. it is one of the largest tables in the world made from a single piece of wood and comes in a limited series of 4, all originating from the same tree. the legs can be custom designed upon request.

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