Erdbeben Amplifier by AhhaProject

crisp minimalist audiophile design. m.

House Heran par CAAN Architecten

the beauty of white - love it! m.

Balloon Sculptures by Hans Hemmert

love these fun minimalist installations/works! m.

Gothic Flair Returns to a Tower on 42nd Street

a beauty - great article after the jump. m.

Capilla en Villeaceron by S.M.A.O.

lovely sculpted form + beautifully lit interior. m.

Katja Strunz at Almine Rech, Brussels

i feel like i've seen this show before through my early steel works. nice…

Video - TCH TV: Opener by TronicStudio

sharp video production and graphic presentation by tronic studio. m.

Marloes Horst by Marc de Groot

great designs - nice minimalist shoot too. m.

Dune by Rainer Mutsch

super cool design utilizing moulded sheets of fiber cement. m.

Video - Grand Palais Mirror Proposal by Vincent Leroy

stellar installation - it is unmistakably reminiscent of some of anish kapoors…

SO - IL : Brooklyn, New York

beautiful etherial minimalist studio design. m.

Family House by Noname 29

lovely flowing concrete design. m.

Matthias Heiderich: Photographer II

another terrific set from matthias! m.

Video - Stone Age Installation by Vincent Leroy

fantastic kinetic installation by the paris based artist. m.

Faculty Club Tilburg University by Architecture

stunning minimalist club design in the netherlands. m.