birds & blossoms retreat 25,000sf
88 fpg tower boston 60000sf

bvs gallery seattle 1500sf

dome©hawaii a blue.development 25000sf

ztel technologies hq tampa 80000sf


criticalmass uk

riot poland


nocode tokyo

eil chicago

eruption.usa© minneapolis

black swan legal group tampa

ward design group seattle

ba© princeton


monitor doblin corporate offices chicago 18000sf

sacred heart university masterplan fairfield 300000sf

sacred heart university signature media building fairfield 60000sf


bank of america corporate projects north america 25000sf-3000000sf

oracle corporation oracle universities north america 8,000sf-50000sf


3 on the bund historic retail development & retrofit shanghai china 300000sf

425 fifth avenue tower new york 350000sf

u.s. embassy seoul s.korea classified size & scope

michael graves david edward furniture line


university of tampa historic school of business tampa 30000sf

fcci hq sarasota 250000sf


nortel center prototypes worldwide 1500sf-20000sf

netpark @ tampa bay tampa 1000000sf

pscu regional hq tampa 100000sf

ocwen financial hq orlando 120000sf

chase manhattan bank regional hq tower iii tampa 180000sf


nations bank direct banking center wichita 70000sf

suntrust bank regional hq tampa 80000sf

wilson & company hq tampa 35000sf

state of florida congressional hearing rooms tallahassee 18000sf

aetna cafe & fitness center atlanta 8000sf

broward county regional service center statewide design ft.lauderdale 150000sf

digital lightwave production facility st.petersburg 7000sf


2018 under development-exhibits in asia europe & the usa

2017 solo exhibit recent paintings seoul south korea

2016 solo exhibit recent paintings hardline gradient series the loft seattle w

2014 solo exhibit recent monochromes tokyo japan

2012 solo exhibit sumi series tokyo japan

2010 group exhibit steel & video works arts council brevard nc

2008 solo exhibit recent paintings the loft boston ma

2006 solo exhibit video/sound installation bvs gallery seattle wa

2005 06 solo exhibit recent paintings bvs gallery seattle wa

2005 solo exhibit digital press prints bvs gallery seattle wa

2005 group exhibit recent paintings ok hotel exhibition space seattle wa

2003 group exhibit recent paintings volcano art center volcano hi

1999 solo exhibit recent paintings brad cooper gallery tampa fl

1996 99 group exhibit steel works contemporary sculpture guild west stockbridge ma

1996 98 gallery 71 steel works new york ny

1996 97 aliya ardivan gallery steel works atlanta ga

1995 96 group exhibit steel works chautaugua art association chautaugua ny

1995 3 man exhibit steel works mt.dora center for he arts mt dora fl

1995 group exhibit video installations orlando museum of art orlando fl

1994 group exhibit open art alexandria museum of art alexandria va

1994 group exhibit steel works deland museum of art deland fl

1994 group exhibit small works velencia college orlando fl

1993 2 man exhibit steel works mt.dora center for the arts mt dora fl

1989 91 group exhibits mixed media below zero studios orlando fl


“look at the pictures of the final product; they speak much more eloquently than i can of michael’s brilliance, technical competence and design ethos. the design is clearly the most effective marriage of style and functionality i’ve ever seen in a corporate setting.”
“michael managed an extraordinary array of client influences and was able to distinguish the signal from the noise. as an artist, he heard what people meant as distinguished from what they said; he gave us what we needed, not what we said we wanted.”
russell t. alba. esq.

“michael is integral to the relationship between him, the clients and luminaire as supplier. he creates an environment of open honest dialog. as well, he treats us all as symbiotic components of something important. obviously, i have a great deal of respect for him and his talent.”
“i believe michael’s strength is his creativity combined with functionality. he has the ability to go beyond what is expected yet still keep his feet on the ground. for me, i cannot wait to see what is his next adventure will be.”
dorothea brant. luminaire inc

for one to speak of michael ammerman, one would have to speak of his sheer determination. his determination of both self discovery and universal discovery. he is an artist who has an intuitive grasp on creative invention. as a steel sculptor for most of his life, form was his calling and his belief. winning awards and recognition from such prestigious curators as lowery s. sims, associate curator, the metropolitan museum of art, one would think michael would rest on his laurels. however, this is not what drives michael to create, as he states, “i create because i must. i must create to push myself and those around me… to inspire.”
painting presented itself to michael as he was producing an installation which would incorporate three veiled canvases of oil pigment within a fiberglass framework. after the canvas panels were painted he felt they must simply be stretched, alone, no framework needed. immediately, painting took over his life. the form he had worked with, for so many years, gave way to a new form or dimension… a so called “forth dimension”, a place where the viewer or participant completes the thought or emotion. michael believes we are all capable of this experience if we allow ourselves the time and energy. he found that only the purest of thoughts needed to be expressed. as he states, “my work is an actualization of pure thought and pure expression… the challenge which remains, is for the viewer… for there is not a single answer or definition… there are however infinite possibilities.”
julia batliner: mt. dora center for the arts. 1999