a quick list of some inspiring, yet late, figures of art, music, literature and design. m.

le corbusier 1887-1965
salvador dali 1904-1989
john lennon 1940-1980
jackson pollock 1912-1956
miles davis 1926-1991
mark rothko 1903-1970
pablo picasso 1881-1973
marcel duchamp 1887-1968
eva hesse 1936-1970
agnes martin 1912-2004
frieda kahlo 1907-1954
louise bourgeois 1911-2010
eileen gray 1878-1976
lee krasner 1908-1984
ann rand 1905-1982
ray eames 1912-1988

all images are from my image archives. unfortunately links have been lost. if you should know the source please let me know and i will add them asap. thanks!